Black flocked flowerbox with 4 red eternal roses

Eternal roses are living flowers which, thanks to a special process of water displacement, retain their beautiful appearance for at least 2 years. They do not require any care. They are ideal for a gift and as a permanent decoration of places such as restaurants, offices, beauty salons, hotels.

Whether you want to impress a new person in your life or want to celebrate an important occasion, the Flower Store red bouquet will help you make an unforgettable impression. It is an expression of the most sincere feelings in one simple gesture. Valentine's Day, Women's Day or an important anniversary are just some of the occasions on which there is an opportunity to shine with a classic red color in a modern edition.

  • Personalized note with a dedication for the recipient
  • Quantity of roses in a box about 4 pcs

Available boxes: white, black

Available roses: white, pink, red

Eternal roses, these are freeze-dried flowers that keep fresh for up to two years. A bouquet of eternal roses is an ideal option for companies that want to change their interior. They will work at the reception, in the office, in a beauty salon, at an industry meeting or conference. A convenient way for a durable, floral decoration of any premises. They also look great at home. They look light and exceptionally beautiful, so if you forget about watering, eternal roses are made just for you.


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