Cykas - cycas revoluta with a beautiful sheath on the legs

Beautiful Cykas with an original cover on legs.


height with pot 100cm


Caring for the cycad

Light: The cycad needs a lot of diffused light. Its deficiency inhibits growth.
Temperature: The plant tolerates heat well. In winter, it grows best at a temperature of about 15°C.
Watering: In spring and summer - quite plentiful, but the soil should dry out a bit after each watering. In winter, we limit the amount of water - we water it once every 2 weeks.
Substrate: When the cycad does not fit in the pot, we replace it with a slightly larger one, using a substrate for houseplants mixed with coarse sand or gravel.
Fertilization: From March to August, we feed the plant with organic fertilizer (e.g. biohumus).
Care treatments: Cut dried leaves, leaving 2-3 cm of the petiole.

Set with pot.