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White grande flowerbox with pink eternal roses

Sale price1.599,00 zł

Eternal roses are living flowers which, thanks to a special process of water displacement, retain their beautiful appearance for at least 2 years. They do not require any care. They are ideal for a gift and as a permanent decoration of places such as restaurants, offices, beauty salons, hotels.

Whether you want to impress a new person in your life or you want to celebrate an important occasion, the Flower Store pink bouquet will help you make an unforgettable impression. It is an expression of the most sincere feelings in one simple gesture. Valentine's Day, Women's Day or an important anniversary are just some of the occasions on which there is an opportunity to shine with a classic red color in a modern edition.

  • Personalized note with a dedication for the recipient
  • Quantity of roses in a box about 51 pcs

When red roses seem too obliging, it's best to replace them with pink ones. Feminine, delicate and subtle. They express not only a deep feeling of affection, but also friendship, devotion and interest. Surprise your beloved, mother, friend. Thank your sister, friend, employee. Don't hesitate, flowers are always a good idea.



Possibility of same-day delivery, after prior telephone contact. Florist Warsaw. Flowerbox Warsaw. Bouquet Warsaw. Bouquet Warsaw.

White grande flowerbox with pink eternal roses
White grande flowerbox with pink eternal roses Sale price1.599,00 zł