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Fresh flowers

The flowers we use to create our compositions are ordered directly from the Dutch Flower Exchange. Bypassing all intermediaries, we offer you the freshest, high-class product possible. Our roses come from crops in Ecuador, Kenya and England. Depending on the variety of roses, their lifespan and bud size change. We care for roses in boxes, remembering that flowers do not like high temperatures and dry air. In practice, this means that they should not be placed close to heat sources such as dryers, radiators, or light bulbs, because this will accelerate their development process, which will inevitably lead to wilting.
The roses are placed in a special floral sponge soaked in conditioner. All you need to do is check the sponge's moisture level once every two days and, if necessary, water it gently with cool water, lifting each rose so that they can please the eye for as long as possible.