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Article: Which flower arrangements should you choose?

Jakie kompozycje kwiatowe wybrać?

Which flower arrangements should you choose?

Which flower arrangements should you choose?

A guide to floral arrangements for your event or party.

Decorations are one of the most important elements of any event, and flowers are a great way to highlight your celebration. Whether you are looking for floral arrangements for a wedding, event or birthday party, they should be carefully considered to create the atmosphere of the event. With so many different options, you may feel lost. That's why we've prepared a guide on how to best choose the perfect flowers for your party.

How to choose flower arrangements for an event?

  • Rate the place
  • If the event takes place in a small room, flower arrangements can be subtly displayed on the tables. Single low vases with delicate flowers are ideal. Guests will be able to see their beauty up close, but it won't be too overwhelming.

    In contrast, in larger rooms there will be room for more sophisticated decorations, and large exhibitions full of plants can fill any empty space in a spectacular way. In this case, floral installations on frames, compositions on high stands or those suspended from the ceiling will be a good choice.

    Choosing floral arrangements that match the venue is a huge part of your success.

  • Match the tone of the decorations to your event
  • The flowers you choose will depend on the type of event you are planning, as they need to complement the style and atmosphere of the occasion. For example, large red flowers may be perfect for a Valentine's Day party, while a conference would be better accompanied by more subtle arrangements in lighter shades.

  • Formal Events
  • Elegant and striking flowers such as orchids, anthuriums, strelitzia or tropical foliage and textured ferns work beautifully for formal events such as a product launch or awards ceremony. Arrangements should be refined and carefully selected. You need to remember about the colors - so that they match your company and strengthen your brand.

    Many companies choose luxurious flower walls and arches with beautiful varieties of flowers to create a spectacular impression.

    1. Informal events

    Anniversaries, baby showers and birthdays will benefit from more fanciful flower arrangements. For informal events, there are many options to choose from - for example, they can be personalized to suit the person you're hosting the party for. You can be inspired by their favorite colors and flowers or follow a specific motif. This also allows you to experiment with location, which may influence your flower selection. For example, a beach party can be decorated with decorations with tropical plants.

    Contact us and discuss your plans for the upcoming event! Our team decorates all types of corporate events and private parties.